What’s this bug?

TK Maxx’s sale has brought this magnificent maggot to our home via son John. Twice a year they have a week’s sale where the price of unsold goods is halved each day and on the final day (today!) the price is halved each hour. With son number 2 a team leader we were well placed to pick up any bargains, so the maggot was reduced from £20 to £3. Going to have heaps of fun with it.

Not sure what was in his mind on some of the other stuff he bought us. A grey shirt. A garden gnome. Various aids to improving my golf (don’t need that since I’m undefeated this year). Did get me a large designer mirror I asked for… reduced from £150 to £6!

On the subject of sports and my ongoing battle against sons David and John, still riding high on all fronts other than squash, where I keep falling at the last hurdle. Am thinking of moving the match on Sundays to early rather than late afternoon… David’s a night owl and doesn’t get up ‘til noon. The theory is he’ll still be half asleep by the time he realises I’m 2-0 up and well on my way in the third game.

Almost got my few minutes of fame on Sunday when content from Allotment Heaven was quoted in the Sunday Times gardening supplement. Under the title ‘About to lose the plot’ it was quoted that…

In November, the Hill Rise Allotment Association, in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, got rent increases reduced from 100% to 10% from October 2011…

and the article went on to quote legal precedent mentioned in my post on allotment rent increases. Unfortunately it didn’t credit the source so I’ve emailed the paper saying I was glad they found the content useful but if not giving credit for content was fair or standard practice    ~;o( 

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  1. The latest issue of How to Find Great Plants is here and your figs post is featured. Thanks so much for participating, I hope you will again next month. Here’s the issue:


    I'm sorry that your content got lifted without permission (love the maggot, though). :)


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