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How about this lot for a great collection of peppers? All grown in pots in the allotment greenhouse. Of course if you compared to the results of the Italians on our allotment site they wouldn’t pass muster. Theirs are planted in the ground inside their greenhouses and grow to over six feet tall! So that’s what I’m going to do as well next year.

Also resolved to grow a selection of squashes next season. Having written on the topic of squashes last week and the things you can do with them, I’m going to have a bash at raising some of the really colourful ones to make pots.

You may pick up a feeling that I’m really positive about plans for the allotment next year. Have I dug up a vein of gold? Found valuable fossils? No… with wife Linda getting involved I’m months ahead of where I thought I’d be. Not only is the front plot well dug over and weeded (following the raised beds being taken up last year), but I’ve even started to dig on the back plot ready for constructing the wildlife pond and wildflower meadow. She really is a whirlwind when we get up there, yesterday digging and weeding with only a short break for four hours! It’s must be every plot holder’s dream… someone to dig and weed, leaving me to get on with planting.

So I managed to plant out my Show winning garlic cloves. Always love doing that… makes me dream of long, warm July days when they’ll be ready to take up.

Daughter Beth has been cooking for England recently. And since there’s generally some left over and given some encouragement from yours truly, Linda and I have been getting regular invites round to finish the left overs. So last week we had tea twice courtesy of Beth’s cooking, and on Tuesday I had a secret helping of vegetable cobbler after squash, before rushing home to have a shower, get ready for the sons’ visit for tea and to watch England, and to stuff down beef, Yorkshire pudding and two veg.  If I keep this up I’m going to be huge! See the photos of culinary delights below.

And more daughter assistance last week, in the form of Becky’s decorating of Sammy’s room. Decided on one wall with horizontal stripes, so needed careful measurement and loads of masking tape. Linda arrived with perfect timing and cream cakes mid morning to reenergise us both. Photo below shows the status after the removal of the first set of masking tape.

Lots of effort and build up to the allotment association’s annual general meeting next Tuesday evening, only our second ever. Interesting items for discussion are fees for 2010/11, the outcome of recent members’ survey, creation of associate members (i.e. don’t have an allotment, but grow from home) and if dogs should continue to be allowed on members’ plots. There’ll be an update on the outcomes in next week’s post.

Been looking at Stumbleupon, a web site where members vote for interesting content on other sites. To get an idea of links available try

Loads of video footage and photos below.


The highlight of Connor’s Olympic Gym party

Sammy and Izzy at the St Ives Michaelmas Fair

Connor and Paige at the St Ives Michaelmas Fair

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  1. Hi John, just had to say how much I loved some of your pics on this post. The note from your grandson was so lovely, hope you had your walk together. The butternut squash pie looked soooo good and your squashes were a lot better than mine!
    The gym party reminded me of when my girls were younger and the different gym parties they had, (now 18 and 21!)
    happy gardening
    Jane (Derbyshire Days)


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