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Lots of huffing and puffing, scribbling & formatting over the last week in an effort to get the winter issue of the allotment association newsletter published… was at risk of transforming into a spring issue if left any longer. Finally got a small rush of articles from association members, enough to fill four pages. In fact I actually had one too many, so that’s saved for the spring issue. To view a copy of the newsletter click here, go to the Committee tab & see the section on newsletters towards the end of the page.

Sister in law Trudy and niece Sarah are with us for a few days, so got to be on my best behaviour. Arrived with enough luggage for a six month stay, and Trudy is enthusiastic about the apple wine to the extent that we finished off a bottle between us last night while we all watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Second time I’d seen the film and liked it again… I really appreciate films that make you think. Not being a spring chicken any longer, was pondering what the experience would be like of being an old mind in a young body when the two sisters got to work on the wonky logic of the film. Completely passed me by… if he started as an old baby he should have finished as a young grown up, not gone back to being a baby again. Better not try any more of my favourite films on them.

At last finished digging one side of the front allotment plot, now on to the other side! Arrived yesterday to surprise two rats helping themselves to chicken feed from the suspended plastic globe I thought would deter them. Ugh! One was pretty big and had to climb half way up the chicken coop wire netting before he could squeeze through to next door’s allotment and the safety of a wood pile. Moved the feeder to the other side of the coop and increased its height a little… see if that does the job. Looked up rat proof chicken feeders, but they’re all more than £30 so not economical for my four feathered fiends.

No photos this week…sorry, but weather been grey and miserable and nothing worth flashing at.


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