Will I be famous?

Well, at long last I've sent my first childrens' picture book off to an agent to see if there's any interest. It's gone of to the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency, one of the few that accept submissions by email. The book is called 'My Grampy Says He Has A Spider Up His Nose' and is based on some of the tales I tell my four grandchildren. You can read it for yourself by clicking here. Hopefully it'll be a winner and I'll be pushed to do a series and become a millionaire. On the other hand...
Had an idea for a more serious book of fiction that's developed from a series of short stories to a single tale of the First World War. Hoping to do some research and preparation while on holiday at Hunstanton. Would like to do some more serious writing and think I can, but it's just getting down to it. There's some hope when you see it takes established writers a couple of years or more between books.
I'm getting little enough time for my existing tasks, including the allotment. Managed a couple of digging sessions yesterday, but that's been all for about a week.
Oh, forgot that I managed to pop a variety of lettuce seeds into some trays so I at least had something growing over the next few weeks.
Think I may have at last pursuaded my wife Linda to help on the allotment. She doesn't like the idea of chickens running around her legs, but the feathered fiends are always restricted to the back plot so hopefully that'll satisfy. Better get the shed tidied up when I get back from holiday, it's in such a mess at the moment.
So off for a few days in Hunstanton. See you soon! John

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  1. Good luck with getting your book published. I'm sure your wife will love allotment life once she gets going. I'd love to have chickens but sadly we're not allowed.


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