What a beautiful day

And it started with me tripping the light fantastic out of the hospital about lunchtime having been given the all clear on my blinkin' bladder. So I've made the half way stage towards getting the three year all clear. Much relief from wife Linda, who treated me like royalty for the rest of the day.
Every one of the staff at Hinchingbrooke Hospital were first class. Lots of smiles, everything explained carefully. They all clearly take a pride in what they do and I must email them to tell them how happy I was with the service... ...good, done that now.
Spent the afternoon laid out in the sun lounge (converted greenhouse) listening to radio recordings. Then off to Connor's seventh birthday party. Video clip below.
Bit of discussion about flat screen TVs at the party. Having finished decorating the hall I'm due to start the lounge shortly... wall paper selected so it's all systems go. The significance of the decorating is that the domestic executive has decreed there's no replacing of TV kit ready for the football World_Cup next summer until the lounge is redecorated.
I've been longing for the current TV to go on the blink so I can replace it, but it still insists on soldiering on. Aiming to complete the decorating before Christmas so I can have the new TV installed for then, accompanied by all the latest recording and receiving kit.
Got a call from the garage to say the Fiat Panther will be ready to pick up early October. Cue much rattling around to make sure the money is in the right place to pay a cheque, the insurance covernote is with them etc etc.
John's king sized mattress still rests at the flat. Has to be out by tomorrow. Mate Paul, who was due to turn up last night with his Honda people carrier to transport it, didn't. John's off to his girlfriend's place in Wisbech until Saturday. It's all coming down to the wire!

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Click to watch the rapid disappearance of birthday cake, and Princess Paige dressed up as usual.
Another fantastic sunset over Allotment Heaven (click to enlarge)

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  1. Congratulations on your three year all clear. Such a relief, isn't it. I'm eight years now.


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