Rainwater collection

Here's the new set up for collection of rainwater (click to enlarge). Should make me self-sufficient other than during really dry periods, and a much better solution than the rain diverter I used previously. Idea is that all water from the shed roof goes into the first bin, and overflows from there to the second bin and so on. I'm already saving myself the trip to the water tank and we haven't had any significant rain since this combination started.
Almost dug up the area where the first raised bed was that I've taken up. Progress slowed when I hit upon buried carpet... bit hard to get the spade through. Brought back memories of when I first started digging the plot and found all kinds of things.
Increased focus on Becky's wedding, just over a week away. Menus now selected, table plan done. Just got to write out the place cards and start my father of the bride speech.
This week's geek spot is about the Burning Man event held annually in the Black Rock Desert. For a week there's a free expression of creativity when the event holds the biggest population in Nevada before everyone packs up and leaves no trace of them every being there. You'll find more information here. It's one of the events I'd like to go and see just once... looks like it would be mind-blowing!
Been reading the excellent NHS Blog Doctor and his views on the Swine Flu "pandemic". If this is a pandemic then we're already surrounded by them... normal flu, colds and other common viruses. What happened to the 'pack the provisions and lets head for the wilderness' definition of a pandemic? Have the drug companies highjacked the dictionary? But it sounds like it's not a good idea to 'phone the swine line and get your obligatory Tamiflu tablets. Sad thing is yet again the Government wasting our money on unnecessary free prescriptions... why didn't they charge the normal £7.20 prescription fee?
Briefly held the pitch and putt title yesterday with a round of 42, but John quickly grabbed the title back on the second round. Bah! Bit devoid of cups at present... haven't won the squash title for some weeks although I keep getting close. Pool and darts have been a bit poor... think I'd do better if I stayed off the sherbet a bit more while playing. Only hold the tennis cup at present and that's mainly because Baz's mind has been on all things wedding related recently.
Got some great video footage of the grandsons when they spent a few hours with me on the plot... unfortunately realised afterwards I'd got the sound turned off! Included one clip below. They built a den in one of the empty compost bins and were so pleased with it... even included two seperate loos for number ones and number twos using large plant pots. They had to christen the number ones loo, but I drew a line under that theme when I caught Sammy, trousers around ankles, straining hard to try and christen the number twos loo! Later Connor found a long and interesting centipede which then disappeared somewhere in his clothing and may still be there.
Not sure if I'll be able to post next week with the looming wedding, but there'll no doubt be lots and lots shortly after.
Thanks for reading my blog. More stuff below. John

So here's a silent Connor and Sammy racing each other. Sammy is following Connor's advice to the letter to move his arms up and down... so much so he wins!
The feathered fiends settling down last night. I'm still only getting three eggs a day and can't figure out a way to spot the ineffective derriere.

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