Am I geeky enough.... no, be honest, am I?

Been worrying lately that my blog isn't geeky enough. By geeky I don't mean...
'A person regarded as foolish, inept or clumsy.
A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept'
... but more the original meaning of the word...
'A carnival performer who's show consists of bizarre acts such as biting the head off a live chicken'
Am I starting to worry you yet? Are the feather fiends under threat? Think I should get out more and get one of those things everyone apparently needs ( a life that is). Even attempted the geek test with the following results...

Geek Test Results

You are 57.5% geeky.

Not bad. Maybe you spend a little too much time with your computer, but at least you have friends. You do have friends, right?

The current average score is: 32.48%

Fact: 20.41% of people who took this test claim to have attempted to build a robot.

Anyway, the point of the pondering is that I feel the need to tell you about things that will make this blog more unique, so this image (click to enlarge) is the first attempt. This saddle is one of the things I love about my Pashley bicycle. The bike itself cost £600, an extreme extravagance for me somewhat tempered by the fact I bought it under my work's Cycle To Work scheme, and overall it gives me huge pleasure cycling to the allotment, to squash/tennis, to the pub... oh, and cycling to work of course! Various bits of it add up to that enjoyment... apart, of course, from the adventures with the acrobatic gear selector. The saddle is made by Brookes of England and costs about £100 if bought it by itself. They've been making leather saddles since 1866. Unlike modern bikes with all their suspension in the wheel struts, the springs are positioned under the saddle. Seems a lot more sensible place to have them, though you can see they're serious stuff... hate to think of the outcome if one burst loose whilst I was cruising!

Enough geekiness for now... don't want to overdo it at the first attempt! But I'm thinking for the next instalment of strapping my camera to the bike handlebars and doing a video of my cycle home from the allotment. If you're lucky you'll be treated to some shots of me performing a perfect somersault over the handlebars. Think I'm joking... it wouldn't be the first time!

After three weeks of eager anticipation it's all gone strangely quiet on the collared dove front. A week ago a broken egg shell appeared on the floor under the nest. Since mum (note to children... I don't mean your mum, not that she wouldn't look equally comfortable perched in the tree) was still sitting on the nest (if you can call it that) we thought something must have hatched out. But yesterday she was off and the nest is empty. Strikes me pigeons generally are not exactly Mensa material and this one was particularly low in the grey matter department.
Much better news on the chicken front. Egg production is now up to three eggs per day... amazing what a little phrase like 'sage and onion stuffing' can do in the way of encouragement! Elly chicken, having gone over all funny and spent some days in the broody box, is now moulting so I guess she's the egg-less culprit.
Here's a picture of the younger of my two lovely daughters... Beth (on the right) did the five kilometre Race For Life last week and here's her and friend Naomi at the finish. She did it for me because of my blinking bladder (which continues to be all clear with another checkup in August). What a wonderful thing to do!

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