Early bird

I'm always up about 06:00 in Summer and generally mess around on my PC, but I've started having an early morning visit to the plot. So postings are likely to change over the next few months... shorter but hopefully more regular as I post on work days and rainy days.
Only had a couple of dawn raids but they've made all the difference... was getting a bit despondent (well, as much as a half pint full person ever does) that things were going backwards. Soooooo many seedlings to pot up, sooooo much grass growing where it shouldn't. No time to plant any more seeds and yet I've got empty raised beds. The ninety minute visits I was managing were eaten up by chicken maintenance, watering and fiddling about with the maximum minimum temperature readings (that reminds me, must post the results for April).
Feeling much more positive about the plot now... even got time to take some close up shots of the strawberries fast developing in the greenhouse, the best of which is above (click to enlarge).
Potted up loads of seedlings... unfortunately they're all flowers (pansies, stocks and snapdragons) and still got loads to do. At least I've got more vegetable seeds in pots so the potential is there to still have a better year, though I fear I'm going for too much variety again. Now where's that vegetable planting calendar I knocked up and should be following?
Evidence of the local rat getting into my shed resulted in some crawling under the staging and much huffing and puffing as more bricks were placed around the inside edge where it looked like he was getting in. Managed to bang my head a few times in the process as usual.

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