Bird box success

Having already had great success with the robins and their new nesting box back home, the new blue tit box (click image to enlarge) has also attracted parents. So that's a great success for the bird box plans I used.
Caught a glimpse of a blue tit popping in and out. Was it just investigating or really feeding chicks? The latter was confirmed shortly afterwards as, hiding round the corner of the greenhouse, I saw a parent visit with a big green caterpillar in its beak, leaving a few moments later carrying out some white poo. So my camera's going to be at the ready to try and snap a visit over the next few days.
Had a really productive morning while Linda was at playschool... moved the rhubarb wine into demijohns, bottled up the latest home brewed beer and even managed an hour on the allotment before lunch. As I lifted the carpeting on top of the current compost bin to add some more kitchen waste I came face to face with Mr Ratty. Since that bin was ready for turning, returned in the afternoon and moved it into the next bin. Also mixed up the oldest pile with the horse manure that had been sitting for six months to give me a big pile of potting compost... no more buying the stuff!
The next episode in the saga of son John's cars continues tomorrow... he's taking possession of a Ford Escort for £600. We're meeting him in town to exchange a brown envelope with the cash. Hope this one stays on the road for a while.
Had been intending to have another camp fire on the allotment with the grandchildren, but realised I'll have to think of an alternative to the torch lit tramp through the woods since it's now light up to 21:00 (the oldest is only six). While the fire drops down to glowing embers for sausage sizzling maybe we can play hide and seek.

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