Busy busy busy

This post is a bit late and a bit hurried because I'm up to my eyeballs with work. Migrating Housing calls to the call centre early May and I've got to write the training materials by Wed 22-May, so been working a few hours from 07:00 each morning as well as my normal two days a week.
Went on a fantastic 6 mile walk with Linda earlier today, a round trip from St Ives to Hemingford Abbots, across the Black Bridge to Houghton, and back to St Ives via The Thicket. If you haven't been on this walk you really should try it... lots of variation and a great cup of coffee at The Axe and Compass. Park in the St Ivo indoor sports centre, where marked with the yellow cross (click image to enlarge).
On the allotment I'm desperately trying to get all my spuds into the newly dug border. Managed six rows so far with help from grandson Connor, got another eight to do. Potted up marigolds and some penstemon cuttings. Rhubarb and asparagus doing well.
The robin is still sitting on her nest in the back garden. Should be seeing some small fluffy things soon!
Sorry it's brief, but I'll be glad when I get back to the normal routine of sixteen hours a week at work... can't imagine how I ever worked a full Monday to Friday!

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