Arrival of wood chips

On Monday the groundsmen took down a number of trees at the nearby cemetery and left a huge pile of wood chips on the allotment for anyone to help themselves. There was ultimately more than is shown in this picture (click to enlarge) but I promptly started claiming my share. By this evening quite a bit of the pile had been claimed by several allotmenteers but there's still loads left. After several hours of hauling back and forth I could have kicked myself... why didn't I ask the lorry driver to deposit some wood chips up my end of the allotment to make the journey shorter?
I've now lined the paths on the back plot with a few inches as well as the area around the greenhouse. Toying with the idea of doing the paths on the front plot. It'll take a few hours more effort, but would save me hours in summer cutting grass, and the path levels would be perfect against the raised borders. Oh, and the slugs would hate it.
Of course the feathered fiends had to investigate, and I watched somewhat downhearted as they started scratching away at the neat, newly lined paths distributing the wood chips somewhat further than I'd intended. I'm hoping they get fed up looking for food that just isn't there and return to more productive scratching in the compost heap.
The greenhouse was finished on Monday, including the shelving, & is all ready to go for the spring.
It's been a cold week in Lake Wobegon... oops, slipped into Garrison Keillor mode then. But it has continued to be freezing on Hill Rise Allotments... it's forecast to be down to -7C tonight. The snow from Monday hung around most of the week as shown here, but the forecast is for milder weather from Sunday.
Finally, here are some voice records of the grandchildren. Click to listen to:

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