The house that Connor built

Grandson Connor had been feeling a bit sensitive in the lead up to Christmas, so I took him with me to the allotment on Christmas Eve for an hour or so to have a potter around while I tended to the chickens. As usual he built himself a house out of bits and pieces... here's the result (click to enlarge, another view shown below) taken today once I'd added the flag he wanted. It's not really windy... I put a stick in the flag.
Been very mild this week so made good progress on the greenhouse. Only got a few panes to put in now. Will be one short after the wind blew a pane over and it smashed... made the mistake of leaning it against the frame ready to put in. Think I can make it up out of other bits of glass that had broken while being stored over the summer. The chickens are getting the hang of the greenhouse... see photo below.
Things to feel cheerful about number one: we're at last heading towards spring! Today the sun rose at 08:08 and set at 15:53... less than eight hours of proper daylight. But from now on each day is extended by about a minute, and by the end of January this is more than three minutes per day added and an extra fortyfive minutes of light. Can't come soon enough! Click here to access an on line sunrise/sunset calendar.
Things to feel cheerful about number two: I'm still competing for the 2008 squash title with son David. Although I lost last Sunday 2-3, I won on Tuesday 3-2. So current score for December is 4-2 to David with two matches to play... I still have the chance to force a play off this month.
Got some great Christmas presents again this year from all the family. Apart from the rechargeable battery I'd already received for my Pure Evoke 3 DAB radio (fantastic since I can now record radio programmes to SD card from the DAB programme guide any time of the day) I also got a laminator so I can protect the planting guide I'm preparing for 2009 (to make its grand appearance in a posting in a week or two), as well as all the footpath maps I use for walking out and about locally. Daughter Beth gave me the usual hair-related gift... an Instant Grumpy Old Man Nose And Ear Hair Kit. Used it to scare the grandchildren on Christmas Day.
More photos below, click any to enlarge.

Another view of Connor's castle
Chickens now know where to go for safety
Sunset over Houghton Hill Farm Wood

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