Squaring up to a challenge

Here's the first sign of the greenhouse going up (click to enlarge)... got the base fixed together, having roughly levelled the ground it's to go on. The inevitable couple of chickens in the picture, observing what's going on. By the time dusk arrived I'd cleared the vegetation ready for digging the area level. You can see also see the new blue tit box on the back of the shed.

Seems I'm settling into a weekly blog at present since not a lot of veggie type things are happening this time of year. Planted broad beans and some raspberry cuttings. Thought most of my raspberry canes were finished but decided to cut them down to just above ground level as per the manual. But even the spindliest showed some signs of life, so there's still hope of raspberry jam next year. Used the best of the off cuts to attempt to raise more.

First signs of summer 2009 have arrived... that's how I view the green garlic shoots first showing their heads (or rather head, since I can only see one at present) this week. These are cloves from my own poor crop this summer, so taking a bit of a risk it might all turn out Pete Tong and I'll have nothing to show for it.

Spent a busy Saturday making and installing a winter home for the hedgehog that Beth's been feeding. Understand the hogs are not exactly throwing themselves at it.

Sunday morning spent gathering eight large bags of leaves from a spot near Warner's Park where I'd spotted them conveniently piled in a corner. Took me a good hour to gather, load, transport and unload. Somewhat wryly observed the piles of leaves around the allotment site... much closer although of course not so conveniently piled up.

John dashed in to try on his new superman outfit delivered to our house ready for his birthday bash in Cambridge tomorrow. Looked good, but a bit concerned about lack of aperture in the trouser department. His mum fixed poppers in a seam so he wouldn't get caught short.

The Pashley is going well since Halfords fixed the gear lever. Cycling everywhere now... only used the car once this week for a short trip to squash against David (I'm not mentioning sport at present since I'm again down 2-4 this month and facing defeat for 2008 unless a miracle happens... oh, and to top it all I lost to Barry at racquetball 1-2... there, I said I wouldn't mention it and look what I've gone and done!).

Even decided to have a first cycle down to the Flaming Wok this evening for a Chinese takeaway. Only a few minutes easy ride with the wind at my back, not a care in the world. Waiting for the meal, noticed the start of hailstones outside. By the time I was heading back (now mostly uphill) the wind had built up to gale force and it certainly wasn't at my back. Oh, and to cap it all the hailstones were much bigger. Cap it all sums it up, since I stopped to put my hat on the takeaway being carried at the back of the bike to keep it warm and dry. Now no protection on my bald pate as the hailstones bounced off like cannonballs... felt like I was in the middle of the storming of Sebastopol. Hadn't told Linda I was cycling down, and certainly didn't when I arrived back for fear of her thinking the takeaway was cooler than normal; but all eaten with no comment so I'll cycle again provided weather more clement.

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