Soggy chickens

After rain all day on Sunday the chicken pen was a bit of a morass and the girls were wet and hungry by the evening.
Little sign of the wasps. The occasional one pops in or out of the nest, but nothing to worry about. Either they're a lot quieter because of the windy weather, or because I'm not annoying them any more... probably the latter. Decided I'll just leave them now until the Winter kills them off.
Managed to get the lettuce seedlings planted out as well as digging over more beds.
Definately getting darker in the evening now. By 6:30pm the chickens are thinking about bedtime... just when I've been turning up to feed them on a working day. Had a bright idea... to get a big garden bird seed feeder and put their feed in that when I can't make it up to the plot during daylight hours.
Caught sight of Mr Ratty again in the compost bins. Started some apple wine on Monday (two hours of juicing the apples!) and put the apple leftovers on the compost heap. Think that's what has attracted him. Will have to turn over the latest compost bin to make sure he's not nice and snug in there.

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