Mysterious handwriting

Back from a walkabout with my mate Terry to find some writing on my notice board in the shed. Evidence that Beth had been up to look after the chickens with grandson Connor. Promised to cook a Bakewell pudding over the weekend as a thank you since it's Beth's favourite. The much more commonly known Bakewell tart is definitely a poor relation since the pudding is much more rich and moist.
Terry and I walked 10 miles yesterday from Market Rasen and back via Tealby. Stopped half way at the Kings Head Inn, a 14th century pub where we got a great meal for £3.99. Good walk taking in a little of the Lincolnshire Wolds and including some lovely views. To see details of this walk and a map click here. This morning we walked 6 miles via Middle Rasen. Not quite so interesting since mostly flat. To see details of this walk click here.
Bought a tray of 50 foxglove plants from a house in Tealby for the unbelievable value of £2.99... the tray itself was almost worth that. Having popped up late afternoon to feed the chickens I planted all the foxgloves out, the intention being to transplant to the garden in Spring if I can convince my daughters that they really are weeds and not worth nicking.
Lookes like the chickens have got the hang of the new feeder... they didn't take any notice of the tray I put out and just rushed out to scratch around the plot when I opened the pen gate.
Highs and lows on the squash front. Lost a dismal 3-0 to David on Sunday, and looked like it was heading that way on Tuesday when I was 2-0 down. Fought back to 2-1 but in the fourth game was 8-2 down. The David made the mistake of taking the mickey, the result of which was I miraculously fought back to take that game 10-9 and won the final game to crest the wave at 3-2. So I'm still hanging on by my teeth at 5-4 in matches, games are 22-17 to David.

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