Little madams

This post is to celebrate my granddaughters, Paige Rose and Isabel Louise (Izzy). Lovely little madams as can be seen here. Couldn't imagine life without them and my two grandsons Connor and Sammy.
Becky was on the site earlier in the week and Izzy wasn't best pleased there were no photos of her, so this is to right that wrong.
You can also listen to Paige explaining about the scary 'creature cat' and the contents of her dressing table drawer by clicking here.
Forgot to mention in the last post the feeding frenzy that occurred at the St Ives Michaelmas Fair. Linda and I hadn't long met up with my daughters and their families to go around the fair when I got a text from son John... if we were in town we could pop around and see his flat. He's only moved out for a few weeks so first opportunity.
When his sisters heard this they couldn't wait and were at the flat door in a flash. John was pretty good about ten bodies suddenly descending on him and the probe into every nook and cranny of the abode.
On the allotment front it looks like the chickens have got the hang of the new feeding regime. However, having got used to their main feed arriving promptly after I've open the pen door they're having a good moan now that doesn't happen. I'll have to give them a handful of corn to compensate.

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