Camp fire

Such a lovely day we decided to have the annual camp fire at the allotment. Paige didn't make it... she's been getting more tantrums recently through tiredness, so it was Connor & Sammy with their dads Chris and Barry. Here we are with sausages sizzling and marshmallows warming over the fire.
I'd got up to the plot beforehand to put out some tea lights. After lighting the fire we wandered off through the Long Plantation for a scary torch light walk. You can hear us setting off by clicking here, on the way back here, and the grandchildren trying to scare the adults here.
Connor had raised the topic of the Fen Tiger, a big cat with glowing red eyes, he thinks. Barry raised the stakes by sneaking off and placing his light showing two glowing eyes ahead of us on the trail. Much creeping and nervous talk before the kids realised it was him.
Earlier I'd gone up the plot for a bit more tidying up and to tend to the chickens. In preparation for Winter days when I can't get up to the allotment during daylight hours I'd bought what I though might be a feeder they could use, but would protect the contents from mice etc. It didn't look like they'd had much luck with it so I'm going to make the access holes bigger.
Huge euphoria on the squash front, with ANOTHER 3-2 win against my son David. That makes the score to date:
Half year: 1-0 to David (5-1 in months)
Current half year matches: 2-1 to David
Current month: 4-2 to me (14 all in games)

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