Took Sammy to the allotment this afternoon. Here he is with his favourite submissive chicken.
Izzy Chicken is the only one who'll let him catch her and will then sit in resignation until he lets her go. Even then she's a bit of a handful for him.
The routine is that Sammy picks her up and takes her to spots on the allotment she doesn't want to go to She then goes back to where things are more interesting and Sammy repeats the cycle.
Earlier we'd gone blackcurrant picking near Burleigh Hill Farm. The sun was shining at last and it got quite warm.
I came away with a large haul of juicy blackcurrants, the aim being to attempt some jam making again. The last lot got boiled for far too long and had to be chipped out of the jar.
Sammy decided to mix his blackcurrants with rose hips and a few sloe berries. He's going to make a drink from that, which apparently his dad is going to love to drink.

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