For the second time in a few days Paigey chicken was there to greet me as I arrived at the allotment. Not sure where she's launching herself from since I've got chicken wire on all the high points within the chicken run following Izzy chicken's escape a few days after they were bought.

There was evidence that she'd had the run of the raised beds for some time. In particular she'd been scrubbing earth up around the bed I'd recently planted with onion seeds as well as others. There's no sign of any life yet in that bed so hopefully she's not disturbed anything.

She got the same treatment as Izzy chicken... I trimmed her primary feathers on one side... you can just see them squared off in this image (click to enlarge). Doesn't hurt her... a few minutes later she was on the outlook for food as usual. Will just make her fly around in circles a bit more.

Not had time to do much more this week, a combination of rain, working Tuesday and Wednesday, and a hospital visit Monday.

Not going to mention the squash score on Tuesday... another disaster & son David is 4-1 ahead this month, 12-6 ahead in games. I'm trying to console myself with the fact that I had my raquet restrung two matches ago & the different tension has meant I've not won a game since.

Grandson Connor was on a visit yesterday a 5pm. Managed to demolish half a block of cheese (it has to be Double Gloucester) and two mini chocolate swiss rolls before heading off with his dad and sister to get sausage and chips. No wonder he's tall for a five year old. Told us his best friend at school had set off the fire alarm resulting in fire engines arriving at the school. Sounds like Connor was far enough away from the action for once not to be in the frame.

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