Bit of an early start today... 2:30am in fact! Son John had a flat tyre on his way back from one of his 'liaisons', this time in Milton Keynes. Needed to be picked up from Buckden, about 20 mins drive away. Patchy mist on the way. Didn't try and fix the car in the dark, just got it a bit further off the A1 so the black Golf GTi was safe for the night.

So a bit groggy overall today. By the time we'd gone back after breakfast & put on the spare tyre to get him going I only got an hour on the allotment. Just enough time to strim a bit around the vines and give the chicken coop its weekly clean out.
It's a bit of a sad time though, since John is moving out tomorrow. The last of our children to go. Like the other three he's not moving far, thank goodness... sharing a flat in the centre of St Ives. I'm sure his mum will be in tears. But on the positive side, we can break out the pixie outfits we've been storing for so long and chase each other around the house with gay abandon!
The Sunday squash match with son David was very close, but again lost 2-3. Having lost last Sunday the annual competition was over, with David the year's victor at 7-1 in months. Had the bright idea of 'configuring' the competition to one of two half year, and if it's 1-1 in half years at the end we have a big play off at New Year. At least this keeps me in the race for longer... even if David wins every match he can't claim victory until the end of October each year. So the reconfigured score is:
First half year - 1-0 to David
Last half year - 1-1 in months, Sep score 2-0 to David

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