Early rain cleared and as I arrived on the plot mid morning the sun was shiny and warm. Chickens doing usual welcome dance along the fence, with the four heads plastered together, following me up and down until I appeared at the gate with their food.

Yes, I do have another broody chicken as pictured... Izzy chicken. Displaying all the symptoms, including the jumping up and down and squawking loudly, so unlike her. Will have to make use of Darren's chicken wire bottom box to cure her.

Have finally started chipping away at the uncultivated part of the extra plot... being most of it at present! Managed to dig over a square and plant a blackcurrant bush that had been in a pot all year awaiting its move. Got several more fruit bushes to do.

Bit of a rush this morning since it was my son in law Chris's 25th birthday party in the afternoon, & I had to help him put up our folding gazebo in his back garden and play my son David squash before the party started at 15:30; so I was away before noon.

Enjoyed the party. Chris did a barbeque, grandchildren rushed about and made lots of noise except when they had birthday cake stuffed in their mouths. Managed to hold my own with Chris on his new Nintendo Wii, even though he'd been practising like mad since Beth let him open his present on Saturday.

Good start to the squash month, beat David 3-2. So I'm 1-0 up in matches this month, but down 1-6 in months this year. He was a bit quiet, hope he's OK.

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