More mowing and strimming over a couple of hours in the morning. Front of plot looks reasonably tidy now, although some of beds badly need weeding... next task.

Completed the emptying of the two oldest compost bins; the raised bed I've put the contents on looks pretty good now.

Caught Connor Chicken sitting on a nesting box several times during the morning... oh oh thought I, she has gone broody again. Then realised only three eggs had been laid and the poor thing had been trying to do her bit to add to the collection! Once she'd laid she seemed as normal as ever, so maybe she isn't broody.

If there's one thing that is growing really well it's beetroot. Picked three fist sized specimens.

Cycled home to get ready for squash against my son David... then cycled all the way back again past the allotments and on to the St Ivo Outdoor Centre. As usual, I had my chances to take the match but lost 1-3, monthly score now 1-4 in matches and 7-14 in tie breaker games. Our 2008 competition of who could win the most months was over since there's only 2 remaining matches in August... so I persuaded David to play another match to give me a chance of ending up 4-4 if I won the remaining matches. Lost that one 2-3, so I've conceded the year to him 1-7 in months. Must get my squash video out again.

After the double match no surprise I had a nap in the sun lounge in the afternoon, then completed a couple of jobs before Trudy arrives tomorrow.

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