Managed to get another few square metres dug on the new plot, & plant another goosberry bush (well, actually a cutting I took earlier in the year). It's slow progress through, with the feathered fiends observing every spadeful for tasty nibbles.
Can't complain though. With barrier mark 2 up & running they're now successfully confined to the extra plot. I was concerned that the chickens would just fly over this second version, shown below. Having got fed up of the whole thing the only option would have been to clip their feathers; I didn't want to do that. So it's higher than required but at least works.
Mr Ratty was pushing his luck this morning. Hadn't seen him about for some time, but as I walked up to my plot here he was rushing the opposite way up the access path to get into my neighbours plot before I cut him off. A couple of hours later as I was putting weeds on the compost pile, he came gambling over the cow manure & into one of the other compost bins! Think he resides next door but likes to nibble kitchen waste in my compost.
Pulled up the broadbeans, which were now past their best. Must remember next year to only do a couple of rows since most of the pods were unpicked. Planted chillie pepper plants in their place.
Went around Holt Island with Linda in the afternoon. Very windy by then so didn't see many birds, although the dragonflies were patrolling up & down the paths.
Took Sammy for a kick about at football & to see the chickens in the evening. As I drove away with him Izzy was up at the window shouting for me. Must leave enough time to take her as well in future.
Bit of a disaster on the squash front, lost 1-3 to son David. Back aching a bit from digging so I didn't do myself justice. I also rely on him having a late night on Saturdays, but he looked pretty fresh today. So that's me 1-2 down in matches & 5-8 down in games. Got to win on Tuesday!

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