First tomatoes picked today. Only four, but soon I won't know what to do with them all. Whilst ferreting around the beds I realised there was at last some success with the carrots as well (it only takes soft deep soil & a bit of watering but I will try and do it on the fly!) so picked some of them as well. So here's the day's bounty... spring onions & three eggs included.

Weeded the beds. Don't mind a few weeds to pick since they really heat up the compost pile. Having 'phoned the garden centre about the expired pear tree, dug and bagged it up to get a refund. Only fair given it cost me £27.99 five months ago. Turned over some more of the extra plot.

On way home popped in to daughter Beth's house. They're off to Great Yarmouth for a few days so I'm looking after the cat & fish. As usual got a serious leg massage from the cat as I got its tea ready.

Car in to do handbrake cable. £101 to replace both at One Stop Motors, not bad. Walked to town with Linda & had a wander around the market, stopped off at The Dolphin for a coffee. St Ives always feels like you're at the seaside, really touristy. Daughter Becky around for lunch with Sammy & Izzy.

Izzy chicken is back to normal at last, although it'll be a few days before she starts laying again. I'd filled up the dust box with fresh soil yesterday. There was no doubt just how much they appreciated this, with two of the chickens sharing the box & nearly burying each other at times!

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