The feathered fiends have been making a bit of a mess in some of my raised beds... they have the whole of the extra plot to scratch around in, so when I try & box them in there why do they fly over the barrier kamikaze-like to attack my most productive beds? So the challenge today (since it was thoroughly wet & miserable in the afternoon) was to construct something to keep them off my original raised beds plot. Here's the result (click to enlarge & admire the craftsmanship).
Couple of design features I hadn't anticipated are that Paigey Chicken squeezed through the openings within minutes, & the whole thing was so unnecessarily high that it's in danger of blowing over and squashing a grandchild or two. Back to the drawing board tomorrow.
On the plus side it wasn't too hard to do (though the screeching noise made as I sawed the plastic spooked the chickens), so I had time to dig more of the extra plot & reposition the gooseberry bush there. Oh, also planted some more spring onion seeds. Must plant some lettuce seeds & let the plants grow a bit taller before planting out... the last lot I planted have been scoffed by slugs!
Took the pear tree back to the garden centre in the morning, no trouble about getting a refund. Caught a rare sighting of son David with his girlfriend Honour as we passed & waved to each other in our cars.
Linda & I did a damp three hour circular walk to Houghton & Hemingford Abbots with a stop off at the Axe & Compass, where they serve up the most delicious chocolate squares with their coffee.

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