Arrived back from a great week's holiday with my parents in Scone, Scotland, late afternoon. Went to Pitlochry, reached summit of Ben Vrackie... visually! Climbed the dam but no salmon in the fish ladder. Saw red deer and a buzzard when walking towards Waulkmill. Saw grey heron when walking through Quarrymill. Couldn't see the David Douglas memorial because the church yard was locked up.

Strangest site was in the forest nearby. As shown in this photo (click to enlarge), the tall pine trees had been pushed outwards in every direction except in the centre where they'd been snapped off half way down. Don't know what caused it... strong whirlwind? Very strange and spooky!

Up to the allotment for an hour to have a feather audit. My daughter Beth had done a good job looking after them, though they didn't come rushing back from all points of the plot when I called them... not even when I shaked the container with their beloved corn in it!

Called Halfords to see if my new Pashley bike had arrived... yes, it has, but they need to make it up & don't want to rush the job. Can't argue with that. It'll be ready late Friday. Can't wait!

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