Although leeks I planted a month ago are going really well they've been disappearing under a blanket of weeds and rogue tomatoe plants, so in first serious visit this week (visit of sister in law Trudy restricted allotment time as well as access to PC) I started clearing the bed... half way finished as you can see. If only I could find a culinary use for weeds I'd be made!

Also planted seeds (japanese onions, spinach, spring onions) in bed that I'd added contents of oldest compost bins to. Not sure if the compost will be too rich or just right.

Did manage during the week to turn remaining full compost bin which has been steaming away for about two months... accompanied as usual by the feathered fiends. Also replanted lettuce seedlings.

Feels really disorganised though... other than the leek & asparagus bed, I don't think I've got any raised bed with a single crop in it, or the appearance of being planned where the beds are shared. Number one objective this winter is to get a weekly planting plan!

First week back to work again after almost three weeks off... though only working Tuesday and Wednesday each week is feeling good!

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