July 2006

What a month for sunshine & heat! Spent most of my time on the allotment watering. The pumpkins are really going well as shown by the picture on the left (double click to enlarge). The grandchildren are going to be spoilt for choice at Halloween.
Bought the cordless strimmer I'd been dreaming of... a Black & Decker 24w item which cost me £60 (after a bit of argy bargy at the checkout about whether the 15% discount advertised applied) & saves me loads of time keeping the plot weed free. See the picture below.
Tomatoes are going well & I've started to harvest those from the middle of the month onwards, sharing out with family. Grandson Connor thinks they're sweets, they're so tasty. Need to rearrange next year though... stuffing them all in one bed means they're too crowded so I've decided to have a patch just for tomatoes where I can put them in rows.
Have been growing butternut squash in the greenhouse at home, but taking the place over so I've trimmed & planted them in a bed to see if they'll be OK outside.
It's been a wonderful month, given an extra special start when my youngest daughter Beth married Chris on Sat 01-Jul. Brilliant day, church & hotel (Slepe Hall) did us proud, great to see all our relatives.
Thanks for reading my blog. John

What a tidy plot!

Tomatoes a bit crowded

There's hope yet for the butternut squash

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