Use a cash back site to save money

With spring on its way, you've no doubt got the seed catalogue in hand ready to order. Or maybe you're aiming to spruce up the back garden with some features or furniture. Why not save yourself money by purchasing through a cash back site? They work by giving you all the commission they earn on the purchase. How do they make money? By getting paid by advertisers.

TopCashback is a recommended option to use. It gets a five star review on TrustPilot, with 85% rating it excellent. How about 5% from eBay purchases? Over 12% from Thompson & Morgan. Up to 10% from Suttons Seeds. Lots more cash back for other types of purchases. JD Sports up to 12%. Waterstones 5%. M&S up to 15%. Particularly good for insurance renewals, broadband and mobile 'phone deals. You can even put the renewal dates of insurance and mobile contracts into your user profile so you get a reminder to check prices through TopCashback.

What is there not to like? It's free, and easy to join. To view and register just click here.

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