Vegetables to plant in October

October is a forward-looking month. Time to plan for spring. So here's a list of vegetables to plant now.

Garlic cloves are best planted in Autumn. They benefit from a good dose of frost. Don't need much tending once in, just keep the weeds at bay, water when dry from late spring and cut off any stalks that appear. Read more >

Broad beans
Autumn sown broad beans mature a good month ahead of spring-sown varieties and are more resistant to mildew. Sow two inches deep, eight inches apart. Support with canes as they grow. Water as flowers appear and once a fortnight thereafter.

Sow Senshyu semi globe yellow seeds now for perfectly sized onions next July. One packet will supply enough onions for you and all the family. Read more >

Still a couple of weeks left to sow spinach for a nutritious, tasty and trouble-free crop over winter. Read more >

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