St Ives Flower & Produce Show 2015

Getting to the exciting stage!

Posters all around town. Programmes available to pick up at West End Stores, St Ives Town Council offices, the Corn Exchange, St Ives Library and the Farm Club. Big banner goes on The Waits railings in a week.

Just waiting for the first of 400+ exhibit entries to come in by the deadline date of Monday 31 August. No doubt it will be the usual last minute rush. Always amazes me that almost all the entries come in over the last two days. With cars frequently drawing up outside the house for just a few minutes, the neighbours must wonder what's going on.

Will we get 400 entries as last year? Or 700 for the previous year and all the problems of squeezing the exhibits in the hall. How about more than 700? And that's the exciting bit. Won't know until a mere four days before show day!

Lots more information at the show website, including a link to download the online programme.

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