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This free annual magazine, available by registering online at, supports a web site whose aim is to grow a community of enthusiastic gardeners and allotment holders. There's also a Facebook site.

In exchange, members have access to discounts on a range of products. The magazine includes a handy chart about when and where to sow seeds. Also shows when to harvest.

Registration is straightforward. You're given a promise of no spamming and can opt to receive a bi-monthly newsletter highlighting the latest discounts. New providers and savings are added weekly.

Once in, you have access to a range of products typically offering a discount of 5% or 10%. The range is broad. Everything from an eco loo to seaweed fertiliser, garden benches to volcanic rock dust. Also discounts on a variety of seeds and plants.

Might be nice to see a mention in either the magazine or on the web site about how ensures the quality of products offered. There is a feedback email address.

Worthwhile registering? The suppliers aren't mainstream, but it's likely there'll be something of interest. With a serious browse of the Internet you may find cheaper prices. On the other hand, you might find what you're looking for on's web site and save yourself the hassle. It's free, so worth a try.

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