Gold plated tomato seeds

Every season I start with good intentions to save my own seeds and beans. Getting much better at it. But an abortive attempt to buy new supplies of tomato seeds has give me new resolve. £2.99 for a packet of 7 seeds? Is that a joke?

A bit messy saving tomato seeds. Have to remove them from the pulp and allow to dry on tissue. Small inconvenience to avoid daylight robbery. The alternative is to leave a few rotten fruit in the ground. Seedlings will sprout up in late spring the following year. Tomatoes grow like weeds if you let them.

Ended up with two packets, Red Cherry and Gardener's Delight. Twenty seeds in each for 89p a packet from the local West End Stores DIY shop.

To read a full lowdown on how to grow tomatoes, click here.

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