Gardman walk in polytunnel update

Almost three years ago I waxed lyrical about buying a three metre Gardman walk in polytunnel at a real bargain price. You can read the original posts, Walk in polytunnel describing the initial excitement, and Gardman walk in polytunnel chronicling the installation and reality of its failings.

All I was left with after two winters was the frame and canvas edging, the plastic covering having disintegrated. But with a few metres of scaffold netting and some blanket stitching I've knocked up a very serviceable substitute. Creates a micro climate and hopefully will make a pest free zone. Going to use it to grow cabbages.

Here's what I've ended up with...

Stitched all around the frame ends, wire along inside to support walls, just digging over at present.

Here's detail on the blanket stitching.

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