Allotment update March 2014

Hopefully aiming to get back to more frequent posts now things are starting to happen on the allotment. This final monthly update is all about the greenhouse. Beds are largely still all potential and little planting, but inside the greenhouse it's all green and growing. Almost all of the following has been initially raised on the magic windowsill... the study windowsill, where nothing ever fails to grow.

Ground beans, purple mange tout & swiss chard.

Courgettes, sweetcorn & giant beans.

Butternut squash, pumpkins & cucumbers.

More ground beans.

Kale, kale and more.... well, broccoli, actually.

Loads of sunflowers erupting.

Various lettuce, these raised from seed in the greenhouse.

Spinach, also raised in the greenhouse.

Finally, my favourite... four varieties of tomatoes.


  1. Well done you! I've made a mistake and sewn the entire packages of sweet peas and mange-tout I'm trying to find friends to pawn off the extra healthy seedlings off on because my little city garden can't take them all. :( Oh, speaking of sweet peas, I decided to go with my favourite extra scented white and they've all come up, but I fell in love with a seed packet company called the Hudson Valley Seed Library. They ask artists to design their packages and the art is just lovely. Anyway, I bought a deep purple sweet pea and only one came up from the whole package!?! Now that I look back, I had a poor germination form their dragon beans and asters last year too. (sight) Maybe lovely art seed packets are off my spring shopping list. Good luck in the garden and keep me posted. I'm in Vancouver this spring and have done something've entered the garden in an Art in the Garden weekend, so really have to get going.

    1. Hi Veronica... I'm the same, except cabbage-wise. I've planted the world's supply of cabbages and by next Spring fully expect to be looking like one. Probably already half way there on the brain power front.

      The Art in the Garden weekend looks interesting. And the garden image shown in the page header looks like it could be an English garden, all cool and green. Best of luck!

      After the mildest Winter in decades looks like we're heading for a dry April. Only one rainy day so far and I'm already having to add the new pond to the watering routine!

      Regards, John


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