Allotment update January 2014

With all the rain this month, no surprise it's been the wettest January since records began 100 years ago. Tried some digging a few days ago but the soil was far too heavy. At least harvesting the leeks, and managed to fully repair the greenhouse. Also reconstructed a few paths. 

Broad beans planted on the study windowsill are growing well. And sent for some interesting seeds to grow... red vine spinach or Malabar spinach. Apparently grows like mad, looks attractive and when cooked has the goodness and taste of spinach.

Here's the month's progress...

Path construction going well...

... although a bit muddy at times. Towards end of month had to suspend work.

First leeks out of the ground, and my best ever!

How exciting! A garden tiger moth caterpillar, nicknamed a woolly bear. Not all that common.

In spite of the rain, Allotment Heaven has yet again had some stunning sunsets.

Bought thick polythene to repair the broken greenhouse and worked well.

First new growth of 2014, broad beans. Also planted some budding begonias.

Two new rhubarb plants installed, Victoria and Canadian Red.

Still not got around to digging over the inside of the polytunnel.

No progress on the new pond either.

So here's the view of the left hand bed, all dug over.

View from the other end.

The right hand border, half dug over.

View from the other end.

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