Composting weeds

I know it's not much to show for four hours graft, but I'm happy with the outcome. Got half the huge pile of plant material not fit for composting burned in the incinerator. Was touch and go at times, since everything was slightly damp and periodic puffing was called for to keep the fire alight. Not a wise thing to do... feeling slightly dizzy I'd then return to sawing and drilling. For once managed to come away with all my fingers intact.

The carpentry work was to construct more beehive bin segments. Tried composting weeds some months ago and the result, provided all light was excluded, was lovely friable soil. The difficulty comes in easily extracting all the dirt from whatever container it's been stored in. My beehive compost bins have been such a resounding success over the last few years for creating loads of standard compost, thought that must be the easiest solution. Click the link above for photos and plans.

To compost weeds you need to leave them for at least six months with all light excluded. I'll build some more segments as the pile grows. After a while the height reduces as the weeds rot, which means I can take the top segments off to start a fresh pile at the side of the existing one. When ready to use I just remove each segment to easily access the compost.

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