Best kept allotment

Hurrah! After two years of entering the St Ives in Bloom Best Allotment competition and two second places, we came first equal this year. Again awarded a silver gilt award, just five points off the magic score of 81 to get a gold award. See the score sheet below. The Mayor presented this framed certificate and £25 of vouchers in a ceremony at the Norris Museum.

Somewhat poignant since we're downsizing at the moment. Giving up our back plot. Got a new fixation... lawn green bowls. You can read a blow by blow account of my attempts to win something, anything, at Bowling For Gold.

Given up the chickens too. They've gone to Andy the Brick, who tends his girls with much TLC on a plot just a few along from ours. So can still hear Samson's somewhat wonky crowing. Goodbye pond too. Hoping to arrange for Colin, who has a small and beautifully pristine plot near ours, to take the back plot over since he's keen to keep up the pond. 

I'll transfer a few of the vines and fruit trees in October, but up to now it's been all about transferring the small polytunnel and greenhouse. Fortunately both were moved without having to be dismantled. See the photos at the foot of this post.

No more being tied to visiting the plot every other day to spend the first half hour on tending the chickens. No more huffing and puffing up and down in summer, the wheelbarrow loaded with water in heavy plastic bins, to replenish the water in the pond.

So it's with a renewed enthusiasm that I'm looking forward to 2014. Much more productive use of time when I am on the plot. Lots more time spent growing flowers and herbs in addition to vegetables. A chance to make the plot something special and win that precious gold award!

So near to a gold award!

The compost bins, polytunnel & greenhouse now sited on old chicken run.

The grandsons' tree house had to be dismantled.

Goodbye pond!

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