Images from March 2013

With precious little growing on the allotment, these images for March 2013 show a somewhat bleak update. No wonder, with it being one of the coldest and greyest March for years. Let's hope April redresses the balance.

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Only some strawberry plants growing on the back plot.

The herb bank still more or less dormant.

At least there's frogspawn in the pond, & 1 or 2 newts.

Dormant in the fruit tunnel as well.

At least the rhubarb is flourishing under a tub.
Nothing in the greenhouse other than lavender cuttings.

Busy redoing polytunnel cover with scaffold netting.
Clematis added beside shed to give cover to robin nest.

The flower bed is all asleep still.

Only garlic and onions at the far end of one front bed.
Last of the leeks at the far end of the other front bed.

Thank goodness for the warm study window!

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