Longest runner bean

After the debacle that was my attempt at a small competition between friends earlier this year, a new challenge has been thrown out to the allotment association committee... who can grow the longest runner bean.

This isn't just some idle challenge, offered to mates who are somewhat ambivalent about the whole thing. For a start we've got a new category in the St Ives Flower & Produce Show for 2013 for the longest runner bean. So no pressure there... just hundreds of visitors ogling the results assessed by high quality judges!

Then there's the committee. Of the allotment association. Growing vegetables. A committee that I know contains a crop scientist, a plant scientist and the winner of the Show for the last two years, as well as a whole load of others keen to crush all before them. Who on earth would want to come last out of that lot!

And finally the beans themselves. To parody the TV ad..

This isn't just a packet of beans
It's a packet of Charley's beans

Charley is a bit of a local legend. He's only once honoured our Show with his massive onions, to drool appropriately click here. I've not seen his exhibition runner beans but imagination dictates they must be huge. In 2011 Richard persuaded him to pass on a handful of his precious orbs, which have been cultivated in 2012 to produce enough for the whole committee to have a bash at.

So it's 'Game On' again next Spring. Already got a couple of beds in the polytunnel well covered with my special compost. Would it be unethical to attached tiny weights to my best beans to ensure they grow straight and true? 

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