My Christmas list 2012

For the benefit of my offspring, (well, my two daughters at least... David and John aren't quite as organised) here's my Christmas list for 2012. Take your pick from any of the items below, and if struggling, the default of wine or whisky is perfectly acceptable as well.

Close Range: Brokeback Mountain & Other Stories - £5.59 ... Yes, I know the subject matter is a bit off-piste, but it's the descriptive power of Annie Proulx, my favourite author, that enabled a 55 page short story to be made into an Oscar winning film. I'm asking for this so I can use it as a reference book when I start writing my short stories.

Thomas Feiner & Anywhen, 'The Opiates' - £14.54 ... one of the finest music CDs ever put together. This is serious mood music to listen to while I'm writing.

Band of Brothers boxed set, well... tinned set - £18.00. A real roller coaster of emotions following the fortunes of US Army 101st Airborne division 'Easy Company' in WW2.

The Sopranos boxed set - £45 ... this is for a couple of you to pair up and buy together in view of the price. The story of Tony Soprano and his mobster family.

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