Images from September 2012

Here's a pictorial roundup of the allotment at the end of September 2012.

Barry's grapes looking ripe.

Pink scabiosa.

Bright red rose hips.

Scarlet penstemons, with an enticing garden bench in the background!

There's lots of red around the allotment at present... here's a stone plant.

And again! A red polygonum that hoverflies love.

Spot the gourd competition. How many can you see?

Sweet peppers and a single tomato plant still going strong in the greenhouse.

Pumpkins for Becky and us. Beth has already bagged the biggest, safely tucked up in the garage.

Welcoming sunflowers.

Always love the pastel blue flowers of a chicory plant.

Now I've got hops, maybe I should think about home brewed beer.

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