St Ives Flower Show 1876

Here are two reports of the first ever St Ives Flower show held in 1876, as published in the Hunts Guardian & East Midland Spectator dated 22 July and 29 July 1876. You can read a history of the show and access all the links for newspaper articles and other information about the show at Allotment Heaven: St Ives Flower Show from 1876.

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Hunts Guardian & East Midland Spectator

22nd July 1876


Long talked of, long in coming, the first Cottagers' Flower Show on Thursday, was a decided success, an unexpected success we may say, the deficiencies of a first trial were very small, and there was an admirable show, a host of visitors, glorious weather, hearty and genial and host and hostess in the Mayor and Mayoress, and some splendid fireworks.

We have neither time nor space left to report the speeches or criticise the show. We give below the prize list, holding over a full report to our next.



1 Twelve kidney potatoes: First prize, 3/, Wm. Thomson; 2nd, 2/, David Smith; 3rd, 1/, Asplin Adams.

2 Twelve round ditto: 3/, S Chambers, jun. ; 2/, John Frost ; 1/, W Bidwell.

3 Six stalks rhubarb: 2/, E Harrup ; 1/, D Smith ; 6d, Wm. Denny.

4 Fifty pods peas: 2/, W Burton ; 1/, J Frost ; 6d, G Smith.

5 Thirty do broad beans: 2/, G Smith ; 1/, C Harvey ; 6d, W Inglett.

6 Thirty do scarlett runners: 2/, E Harrison ; 1/, T Briggs ; 6d, S Newman.

7 Thirty do French beans: 2/, Jas. Beales ; 1/, Wm. Lee ; 6d, S Dunkley.

8 Twelve onions (spring sown): 2/, G Williams ; 1/, D Smith ; 6d, W Inglett.

9 Twleve do (autumn sown): 2/, S Newman ; 1/, W Burgees ; 6d, W J Norris.

10 Three cabbages (not cattle): 2/, W Burton ; 1/, D Smith ; 6d, Jos Seymour.

11 Two cauliflowers: No entries.

12 Twelve carrots: 2/, Jos Seymour ; 1/, John Frost, jun. ; 6d, W Lee.

13 Twelve turnips: 2/, H Naylor ; 1/, Jos Seymour.

14 Three coss lettuces: 2/, Wm. Lee.

15 Three cabbage lettuces: 2/, D Smith ; 1/, Thos. Clark.

16 Best collection of pot herbs: 2/, W Burton ; 1/, S Chambers, jun.

17 Best basket of vegetables: 5/, Jos Seymour ; 2/6, D Smith.

18 Best basket of salad: 3/, Jos Seymour.

19 Two vegetable marrows: 2/, John Reynolds.

20 Two ridge cucumbers: 2/, Wm Burgess ; 1/, Wm Burgess ; 6d, W Lee.

21 Best cultivated allotment: 10/, Wm. Cox ; 7/6, S Newman ; 5/, W J Norris ; 2/6, S Chambers, jun. ; extra to S Chambers, sen.


22 Three pears: No entries.

23 Six kitchen apples: 2/, D Smith ; 1/, S Newman ; 6d, M Shanks.

24 Six dessert apples ditto: 2/, D Smith.

25 Six plums: No entries.

26 Half lb. raspberries: No entries.

27 Twelve strawberries: No entries.

28 Half lb. red currants: 2/, R Culpin, jun. ; 1/, G Brown.

29 Half lb. white currants: No entries.

30 Half lb. black currants: 2/, D Smith.

31 Twelve largest gooseberries: 2/, 1/, S Chambers, jun. ; 6d, D Smith.

32 One lb. gooseberries, for flavour: 2/6, W Chambers ; 1/6, D Smith.


33 One mimulus or monkey plant: No entries.

34 Two best variegated geraniums: No entries.

35 Two zonal or plain leaf ditto: No entries.

36 Two pelargoniums: No entries.

37 Two calceolarias (yellow): No entries.

38 Two ditto (various): No entries.

39 One cactus: 2/, W J Norris ; 1/, Thomas Clark.

40 Two fuschias (various): 2/, Anthony Elger.

41 Three window plants (various): 3/, Mrs Harrison ; 2/, Chas. Canham ; 1/, G Brown.

42 Two balsams: 2/, W Burton.

43 One basket or hanging plant: 2/, B S Clarke ; 1/, Jane Walker.

44 One fern: 1/6, Jas. Everett ; 1/, B S Clarke.

45 One pot of musk: 1/6, Thos. Smith ; 1/, S Newman.

46 One pot of mignonnette: 1/6, Jos. Seymour ; 1/, Ann Silk.


47 Three marigolds: 2/, Wm. Burton ; 1/, E Harrison.

48 Two verbenas: No entries.

49 Three carnations: 2/, A W Moore ; 1/, T Loyings.

50 Three picotees: 2/, R Lord.

51 Three stocks: 2/, E Harrison ; 1/, Ann Silk.

52 Three sweet williams: No entries.

53 Three phloxes: No entries.

54 Three double zinnias: No entries.

55 Three single zinnias: No entries.

56 Three hollyhocks: 2/, Sarah Fordham ; 1/, Elizabeth Pearce.

57 Best nosegay of garden flowers: 3/, Thos. Clark.

58 Best nosegay of wild flowers for girls under 15 years: 2/6, Annie Robb ; 2/, Lizzie Shears ; 1/, Esther Chambers.

59 Ditto. for boys under 15 years: 2/6, Edw. Stevens ; 1/6, Sam Robb ; 1/, C Shanks.

60 Three cut roses: 3/, W J Norris.

61 Three dahlias: 3/, John Paine.

62 Three asters: No entries.

63 Best glass of honey: 3/, Wm. Golding.

There were several extra prizes - a very good sign - but these must appear with report of speeches in our next.

Hunts Guardian & East Midland Spectator

29th July 1876


The first show of this society was subjected to no little criticism and remark, and altogether it stood the test well, and even better than many expected. The difficuluy (sic) is here in setting the stone rolling, and not in keeping it going. The exhibition of Thursday week was a surprise to many, a gratification to all, and most creditable to the actual management, that is to the officers who did the real work - and very heavy work it is - foremost among whom were Mr. Copley, the secretary, and Mr Hankin, treasurer. Indeed it is no exaggeration to say that the success of the show was firstly and mainly due to the energy of these gentlemen. The specimens of flowers, fruit, and vegetables were of a very fair standard indeeed (sic).

Only the stimulus of competiton, of experienced victories and defeats, will ensure increased interest and increated (sic) excellence. And another year there will be every prospect and hope of a sharp competition and a good show.

The non-competiton exhibits of gentlemen interested in the success of the affair were numerous and effectiev (sic), so that the tent was well filled and decorated.

In addition to the prize list given last week there were the following extras:- Samuel Franks, for a fuschia, 2/- ; Jos. Golding, a fuschia, 1/6 ; John Frost, stocks in pot, 1/- ; Jacob Stevens, hydrangea, 2/- ; George Smith, fuschia, 1/-.

The judges were Messrs. Tilbrook and Neale, who afforded every satisfaction.

As time drew near for the distribution of the prizes the ground became thronged with a very large company, which showed how willing the townspeople were to patronize a gala day of this sort.

The Mayor opened the proceedings in a speech of an interesting and appropriate character, and then a portion of the prizes were distributed by the Mayoress. The Vicar followed with a suitable and vigorous address, and his daughter distributed a further portion of the awards.

Mr. C E Greene and Mr. F Warner made short and telling speeches, and Mrs Read Adams, ex-Mayoress, distributed a further portion of the prizes. Mr. T Coote, jnn (sic), at the close, called for three cheers for the ladies, and cheers for the Mayor and Mayoress.

An immense crowd was present in the evening to witness the display of fire works, and which turned out admirably. The set pieces were not so numerous as they were excellent, and the display gave intense satisfaction.


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