Game on!

Sometimes I question my own sanity. Keep getting myself into challenges I've no right to win. But I somehow imagine the underdog (me) winning through with a combination of guile and skill, taking the day to the surprise of all. In reality I typically crash and burn.

Never been able to resist a challenge. I'd rather compete and lose and have a really good laugh in the process than take the safe path to success. Suppose it's all the banter that comes out in the process. Nothing like a bit of edge to bring out the humour. The most recent example was a complete 'nil point' result during the games weekend with my brother and nephew. You can read that sorry tale at Five Iron Blues.

The latest daft idea is to throw out a gourd growing challenge to allotment mates Richard and Mark. I won the gourd and squash class in our 2011 Flower & Produce Show, and four of my thirteen awards came from the gourds, so I've got previous form to live up to. But since I was the only one growing gourds, thought it might spice things up a bit if I encouraged some competion. So I shared out the four seed varieties into three piles and, having sent a challenging email (in typical understated style, asking if they'd like to take on the King of Gourds in this year's show), popped shares through their doors.

Mark's email was back in a flash and he'd potted up the seeds by 10:00 the following morning. Flippin' 'eck... mine were still in the packets! Better get cracking! And Richard replied in similar vein.

Just to give you an idea what a challenge I've taken on, Richard is chairman of the allotment association and has over 20 years experience as a crop scientist with more than thirty papers published in scientific literature. He's forgotten more about growing plants than I ever knew. And Mark? He not only won last year's show, but did it by some margin, winning three of the seven sections outright.

So prepare for periodic progress updates. I've planted two batches of seeds so far, one in the allotment shed, the other in the allotment greenhouse. A third batch has been soaking overnight and will be in pots this morning on the hot windowsill at home. The nettle fertiliser is brewing and special compost reserved. I'm taking no chances... GAME ON!

Here's one of the seed varieties, called this one Alien Spaceship 2 since I've forgotten the real name.

The greenhouse selection.

Made space in the greenhouse to grow the plants, but will also try in the polytunnel and outdoors.

Nettle fertiliser started.

And the special compost all ready!


  1. Got an update from the opposition yesterday... both cagey and fishing for information on how I was doing. Sounds like most of the seeds have resulted in growth and we all seem to be at the stage of the second sets of leaves beginning to appear.

    Of course I take all such detail with a pinch of salt... all's fair in love and war!

  2. Currently both Richard and me have small fruit growing, with Mark claiming he doesn't have a clue about his... he planted them and that was it. With only a month to go, will magnifying glasses have to be issued on the day of the show?


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