Allotment update Apr-2012

Here's a pictorial roundup of the allotment at the end of April 2012.

With the continuous rainfall the onions are really going well. Are there a few Show winners in there?

Barry's not going to repeat the heartache of losing all his vine buds this time last year from a late and severe frost. He's got them tucked up nice and warm this time around.

How about that for lush rhubarb? The fruit tunnel is all prepared... strawberries are way ahead of other plots' offerings with plenty of flowers already, the fruit bushes now all repositioned, and the raspberry rows are all planked up ready for easy access.

The pond's been overflowing so no sign of any wild flower seeds germinating against the rock wall. Not much sign of the tadpoles either... of course there's now a lot more resident preditors to appreciate them. Otherwise the surrounding perennials and fruit trees are all doing well.

Greenhouse full of growing tomatoes, peppers, peas, parsnips, sunflowers... and more, can't remember them all!

A bit of patient waiting in the shed, with lots of seeds yet to pop their heads up... need more sunshine! And it looks like the cucumber seedlings may have wilt.

The experiment with raised strawberries at the front of the shed is doing well. They've got flowers on them too.

Linda's greens in the coldframe have come on really well in the last month. Had some of the cut and come again greens in the bottom of this image on a cheese sandwich for lunch... delicious! Radish in the top corner also fantastic.

Here's another part of the plot that's showing a lot of additional growth since last month's update. Lots of stuff growing in the flower bed.

Spuds are now showing and have been banked up. The sweet peas are really taking over, but not much sign of any broad beans.

Must seperate those lettuce seedlings soon. Leek seedlings starting to show, though a bit of weeding needed around them... better get those leeks from last year eaten up.

Finally, much of this bed is still reserved for tomatoes and squash, but Linda's used part to plant some more salad veg.

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