My first novel... week 4

I'm somewhat embarrassed to reveal the paltry word count I've achieved this week... a week in which the cold weather has meant long periods stuck at home with 'nothing to do', or as near as I ever get to it. In a week like that you'd expect me to beat my previous weekly best of 2,300 words, wouldn't you?

The actual total? The lowest ever at 325, the result of a single early morning's effort! If I stuck to my original silly intention to publish by this Summer it would have been the smallest novel ever!

A good example is the intention this morning to get tapping away and try to at least achieve a partial face saver. But first I had daily tasks of rearranging the online to do list and updating my One Moment Each Day blog. Then multiple emails from granddaughter Paige to read and answer. Finally, I'm expecting a text from son John any minute asking for a lift to work in Cambridge. His latest car is having problems starting so he went on the bus yesterday and I drove to Cambridge to pick him up at 21:00 last night.

There's not much hope for the future either. Now got a new project, to complete a family geneology web site. I've got loads of information to share with the family and lots of research to do to tell the stories behind each of our ancestors... oops, here comes the call from John... yes, I'm off to pick him up for a trip to Cambridge so be back in an hour...

... well, after motoring there and back, having breakfast, washing up and messing about looking at maps for some new walks, how about back in three hours? Where was I... oh yes, the family history web site. I see that as more important to do and more fun, and it's going to take a lot of effort. So not a huge chance of making significant progress on the novel over the few weeks.

I'm still enjoying the writing when I get down to it, but with 4,801 words written in 4 weeks it's going to take me more than a year to complete. So it's really going to be the major project for next Winter. I'll still plug away whenever the chance arises, but I'll post progress updates on a more ad hoc basis from now on.

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