The heart of RAC Insurance beats again

P1010302 The pulse might have been a feint one… nothing to do with the fact that three of us are now retired… but the heart of RAC Insurance definitely beat again yesterday afternoon as old times were recalled.

Here we are enjoying the sun on the patio of The Anchor (click image to enlarge). Terry Bacon (far right) and I, serial reunionists, got together for our annual pub crawl around the more interesting watering holes of London, joined for the first time by Nigel Harcourt (middle left) and Kevin Hilditch (middle right). We’re looking pretty happy at this point as the two previous pints at The Market Porter and The George Inn start to take effect.

There followed an amble across Southwark Bridge, past St Paul’s Cathedral and quickly straight past the first two pubs in Fleet Street we were supposed to visit. So the next stop was Ye Olde Cock Tavern, followed by Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese and finally Ye Olde Mitre Tavern. You’ll gather from the names that the list targeted the oldest pubs in London.

Time flew at such a rate we’d only visited half the intended pubs and it was time to consider tea… a trip back to Kings Cross and a hurried meal at Nando's before Terry rushed off for his 20:00 train back to Darlington, followed shortly afterwards by the rest of us for trains to Huntingdon and Hitchin.

As always on these events conversation meandered over a wide and enjoyable range of topics. Nigel tried to convince us he’d fulfilled his ambition to be recognised by some (any?) old City acquaintances when he took up conversation with a complete stranger on the very first tube ride. Terry graciously retrieved my top when I unknowingly dropped it, only to find later he’d lost his cap about the same time… we’d had a few by then. And although the only one still gainfully employed, Kevin had us all envious of his idyllic job as head gardener at The Swiss Garden.

It was great to see old work colleagues again… mates you’d worked through some challenging times with and come out the other side still laughing together.

Here’s a few links and photos of interest to RAC Insurance colleagues…

RAC Insurance Hitchin facebook entry

RAC Insurance Stretford facebook entry


  1. JayTee9:38 am

    While stuck in a stuffy office only a few miles away in West London, I was gazing out of the window at the gorgeous spring sunshine thinking that I could have been with friends and enjoying a beer - or several. I'm so pleased that the day went off so well for you all.

    Here's to the next sit-down do!!

    Best wishes to you all :)

  2. Ian ex Beddall Bradford4:16 pm

    Hello from Ian Merriman, I was just trying to sort out some Motor Insurance for my wife and failed miserably in finding decent cover. Then I found that RAC Insurance had become Aviva and I decided to search using Hitchin.
    I am glad I am not in Motor Insurance any more it seems a minefield!
    Driving other cars does not include cover for a car belonging to a partner says Sheila and her Wheels! At least They cancelled without charge!
    Enjoy your retirement boys!


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