Pond life…

Pond build … seems about the only life I have at present. That and the kitchen… read all about that below, or don’t if you’re of a nervous disposition!

Anyway back on to the pond, which you may remember on the last post was looking pretty bare in spite of the installation of frog spawn. What a difference a day (or two) makes!

The Hill Rise Allotment Association came up trumps following an email for help, with Mark and Jennifer providing free plants and pond mud writhing with all types of life. Added to with lots of plants from the damp border in our garden.

Then Linda had a brainwave about using the rockery from Becky’s garden… why not build a holding wall with earth piled behind as a backdrop on one side of the pond? Brilliant, ‘cause there’s loads of earth piled up there already and it would provide a great home for all sorts of wildlife.

So here’s progress so far (click to enlarge). Plants now around much of the area and the rockery wall half built. The pond now has various oxygenating plants installed as well as a lily, various irises and other stuff. And I noticed one of the new tenants darting in amongst the various bits of greenery in the water yesterday. Can’t wait for the tadpoles to arrive!

Now on to the kitchen. We’ve needed to generally update the house for a while and got started last year. First was new TV kit of course, in time for the world cup. Then replacement of the downstairs toilet suite. It’s the kitchen and bathroom next. What’s the problem? Well, all of this has got to be done without the prior knowledge of wife Linda. She gets a bit wobbly when it comes to workmen tramping about the house and the whole uncertainty of change.

All worked well last year… just told her as she disappeared off to playschool that she wasn’t coming back in the afternoon but going round to daughter Becky’s until it was all finished. Bit of a hiccough with the downstairs toilet suite when it dawned on me I’d arranged it during school half term… managed to survive that one (just).

But now we’re on to the difficult stuff, work that’ll take several days. Was intending to get both the kitchen and bathroom done while we were away for a week’s holiday in Hunstanton, but that’ll cost us £600 if I wait since the kitchen suppliers have a sale on until Saturday. So looks like I’ll buy the kitchen units and appliances by this weekend, but I’ve got no chance of storing them in the garage for two months without them being spotted, even though Linda never goes in the garage, read why in the Spooky Garage post.

Son in law Chris has time to fit the kitchen next week. Can I get White Plumbing to come and do the sink and some electrical bits and pieces? If they have someone spare should I get the bathroom done at the same time? Where can I get splash backs for the kitchen? What about light fittings? Are those fittings on the outside wall too overpowering? Oh dear! Think I can feel a headache coming on, and I NEVER get a headache!

If I’m going to get the work done next week I’ll have to tell Linda by tomorrow so she can have some influence on the final outcome before I order the kitchen stuff. I’ve been subtlety quizzing her for weeks now about what she’d like but despite my best efforts it’s not going to be quite right. Running out of time!!!

Plans etc below.

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  1. Love the pond...but I know from my own building (or digging out!) of a pond..you'll wish you made it a tiny bit bigger and a more interesting shape in just a few years! My tadpoles in the past have usually appeared one month after first sight of frog spawn..so,...feb 1st to march 1st. Luckily you won't have the problem of searching for tiny baby frogs when it comes time to mow the lawn!! 'Hoppy' days!
    ps...many people will blaime herons or cats for taking gold fish, believe it of not it's more likely to be love-sick frogs!


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