National Shorts Day

Shorts 2Came early this year… yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day that I took a gamble and donned the shorts for a trip to the allotment. Is this the first appearance nationally of knees bared 2011?

I may have just about squeezed an airing in March previously, but it’s far more likely to be April before I start surveying the sorry state of my summer trouser apparel and wishing I’d put them in for washing when the legs went under cover in autumn.

In spite of last year’s nice tan the pins were looking particularly pale, like a couple of sticks of celery. But once we’re over the hump of cold mornings every day will be short day once I retire in a couple of weeks.

Yesterday was also notable for a very big moon, called a perigee moon, the biggest for nearly twenty years because of its close proximity to the earth. We’ll have to wait for over five years for the next one on 14-Nov-2016. It certainly was striking… enough for the grandchildren to notice a difference at the camp fire.

And that’s the third and final reason yesterday was notable. The biannual camp fire was held on the allotment, with sausages warmed over the fire and cakes for afters. Good one this year since all the grandchildren were there. Paige arrived a bit later with Beth from a party, dressed as a princess as usual.

Lined the allotment path with tea lights, had solar lights decorating the chicken pen and a good fire welcomed all. Connor and Sammy amused themselves lighting twigs and Izzy sunk a sausage and then went all sleepy. But as always great fun. Photos below, click to enlarge.

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  1. Haha, great to see someone else digging the shorts out. I'd live in them if I could, I love shorts.

    Went out on my bike Sunday, first ride in shorts this year. I've missed them!


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