New year, new brew

New year, new brew as they say (… don’t they?). So, having got somewhat behind with the composting here’s a new mix I’ve started (click to enlarge). I’m REALLY happy with the beehive style compost bins I made last year… very flexible and keep the furry fiends out. Click here to see how to make them.

But first I had to turn the old pile over to make room. Here’s the upended cubic metre of compost that built up over the last three months of 2010…

… and here’s the compost from the previous three months to that now spread into the polytunnel. This wasn’t all of it… I’d been digging it out for a while to pot up various things.

And finally yesterday afternoon I dug it all in and put a path down the middle. Got to move the raspberries at each end.

The new pond is almost fully unfrozen as shown below. Looks nice and clear as well.

Not surprising there’s no sign of life yet after more than a month, but got some great offers from Collette and Mark as they wandered past earlier in the week. They’ve got spare flag irises I can have and gave me a promise of some of their pond weed (which should include newt spawn) and some frog spawn as well. Also gave some good advice about habitats for toads.

Unfortunately got some repair work to do on water butt no.3, which has a small split because all the water inside froze solid. Nothing I like better than crawling inside a smelly slippery plastic tube! Think I’ll leave that till spring.

Now, where’s that plan of the new verandah. Anyone seen a fag packet anywhere?


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